Meeting Clients Can Be a Waste Of Time!

Most people avoid taking the time to properly set up, prepare for and conduct effective meetings.

Calling first to schedule a meeting gives both client and agent time to prepare.
This tool gives you a way to conduct an outreach campaign using Emails, Calls, & Meetings.
Then this tool gives you the freedom to set-up meetings that will be more productive.

We invite you to explore how you can create your game worth playing and winning. 

The result is you never fail to get from where you are to where you want to be in the future!


Meeting Cadence Manager

Create email, call, & meeting campaigns to a limited number of known & unknown clients.  


The Meeting Cadence Manager is designed for a limited volume outreach to known and unknown clients.  All of the email components used in the Email Cadence Manager can be used in this cadence as well. The difference is that prior to an initial Conformation Email a Phone Call takes place which is designed to schedule a meeting with each client on the list. Once a meeting is schedule the Confirmation Email also confirms the meeting logistics and preparation requirements. The Meeting can easily be delivered via a built in Screen Sharing feature. Then once the Meeting takes place the Notification Email is sent out with a link to Client Profile Questions, Document Download or Challenges Survey Questions. All of the Email Components are utilized and combined with the Confirmation Call and the Phone Call or Web Meeting Delivery. In-Person Meetings can be included when appropriate. The Confirmation and Notification Emails get sent by the agent once a Call or Meeting has been completed. After that the Reminder and Thank You Emails can be set for automatic delivery. All components of the Email Cadence Manager are incorporated with the Confirmation Phone Call and the Web Based Meeting delivery so travel is minimized when an in person meeting is not appropriate. The process offers a way to qualify client opportunities before any trip is made for an in-person meeting.

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